Frequently Asked Questions

General (7)

Yes, an ad can be extended before or after expiration. The ad will stay published for 60 more days starting from the day it is renewed. There is no limit on how many times an ad can be renewed.

No. You can use the same account here. However, we recommend you provide, at minimum, location information under account profile. Likewise, any account created here can also be used on Lab Minutes main training website

You need to set location under your account profile.

You can use the search function to look up ads from other countries

You need to provide postal/zip code and country for proximity-based search to be effective

You need to contact the ad owner directly to complete any monetary transaction.

You can post a question or send a private message on the ad page. You can also email or call if those information are available

Posting Ads (2)

All ads will be published for 60 days after which they will be removed and retained in your account for additional 60 days before they are deleted

Once you have registered, you can post as many ads as you like for absolutely free