Getting Start Guide

The guide helps you quickly get started on Lab Minutes Classifieds

1. Login

  • For new users, click Register at the top right hand corner to create a user account. Complete the registration form and you will receive an email with a link to set your account password. If you do not receive an email, check your junk mail folder, or spam filter and make sure the email is not being quarantined or blocked.
  • For existing Lab Minutes users, after logging in using the same credential as the Lab Minutes main website, provide additional user information under Account profile especially location information (eg. City, Postal/Zip code, Country) in order for the system to only present you with ads that are local to your location, otherwise you may see ads from other countries.

Note: The same account can be used at both Lab Minutes main website and Lab Minutes Classifieds.

2. Search for Ads

The quickest way to look for ads is using the search box. Simply provide keywords and click Search. To narrow down the search scope, provide optional parameters (eg. Categories, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Distance). This is also the only way for you to search ads from other countries.

3. Browse for Ads

Throughout the website, you will have opportunities to browse through ads under the Categories menu or those that are already displayed on the page. If you have location set on your profile, you will only see ads from your country.

4. Contact Ad Owner

When you are interested in an ad, you can contact the ad owner by either leaving a public comment or sending a private message using the link provided on the ad page. You can also call or email them if those information are provided by the owner.

5. Complete Transaction

Any transactions or exchanges between you and an ad owner need to be completed separately. While you can continue to use our website messaging system to facilitate the transaction, Lab Minutes DO NOT provides any mean for monetary transfer or payment. As a reminder, please always exercise good judgment in any monetary transactions.

6. Post an Ad

To post an ad, click on Post New Ad at the top right-hand corner. Complete relevant information including choosing appropriate ad category, and uploading any pictures (up to 5). We recommend you not to provide personal email address or phone number unless you would like to be contacted by those methods. Your ad will be posted for 60 days, after which will be unpublished and retained in your account for additional 60 days before being deleted.

7. Renew your Ad

You can always renew your ad before or after it expires assuming it has not been deleted from the system. Once renewed, your ad will be posted for 60 more days starting from the day it is renewed.

8. Report Issues or Ads

If you come across any issues or ads that are inappropriate, please forward the URL to us using our online contact form.

Lastly, to ensure that you receive all email communications, please whitelist our domain ( on your spam filtering system.